Message Principal

Dear Students, Staff and Parents.

The faculty staff and administration of Flower Dale School(FDS) are passionate about education and subscribe to the belief that students are individuals deserving respect and opportunities to learn, We, therefore , strive to provide each and every student at FDS with a challenging and engaging curriculum. In addition, students at FDS have a wide range of co-curricular activities to choose from. Through academics, students activities and sports we strive to provide all students with a complete and comprehensive education that offers multiple opportunities to develop abilities,  express talent, exercise responsibility and engage in the life long learning process.

We recognize that school share the responsibility for the intellectual, social and psychological growth of students along with their respective houses and the community at large. It is with this collaborative effort that we at FDS seek to graduate confidence enthusiastic, respectful and participating citizens who will enjoy learning throughout their lives.

Please feel free to contact us with your suggestion and concerns.

Mrs. Vatsala Kharola